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3D modeling

Three-dimensional modeling using CAD software.

Based on customer specifications, it is possible to create a 3D model for the preliminary or final study of the shapes. This can be further developed for the next rendering stage.


Video presentations and animations.

Starting from a storyboard, a careful look development is carried out, then moving on to the materialization of the entire scene, the development of the cinematic timeline and the necessary animations.


Creating an application to configure a product.

Useful both in the design phase, for defining the design, and for the end-user who, playing, can customize the elements and view the chosen configuration in real-time, moving across the scene.



Francesco Farinella Profile

The goal is the WOW effect.

Creating an extraordinary product requires a combination of art and technique. And this must transpire to conquer both hemispheres of the brain: the left, rational and analytical, and the right, emotional and creative. This is why we create visualizations that excite and at the same time narrate the product.

Francesco Farinella




A new entry in the sector with a great desire to do, always available, flexible, and very professional. I recommend it to those who want a job well done, at the right price and perhaps with the possibility of ongoing collaborations.

Enrico Angella

CEO, E-Switch, Via del Menhir, 25, 54028 Villafranca in Lunigiana (MS)


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