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Flowvial is a houseboat designed in an eco-sustainable way, with particular attention to materials and energy efficiency. Based on a structure consisting of recycled shipping containers and a catamaran, it is designed to be lived 365 days a year as a first home or holiday home, also perfectly suited to charter. Conceived for use within the waterways and European lakes, it is ideal for short and long river cruises; also suitable for people with a nomadic or alternative lifestyle who constantly move for personal or work needs.
Flowvial can be used without a boat license and has living comforts similar to a normal home on land. This allows an approach to the nautical world by inexperienced or not particularly interested people, allowing anyone the pleasure of cruising at a slow pace, exploring Europe from an unusual perspective.
Concepts such as slow travel and digital nomadism have given the basic imprinting for the development of this thesis. More and more people travel while working, it is a fact; the trend of companies and freelancers that implement smart working strategies is constantly increasing, ensuring that in the future an important slice of the population will work in these ways.

Analyzing the socio-cultural context, the opposite is also true, if on the one hand more and more people benefit from their free time, on the other many people rarely have free time available. Flowvial can also be used by those who, having a limited period of free time, wish to use it for relaxing cruises or to enjoy a second houseboat.
Analizzando il contesto socio-culturale è vero anche il contrario, se da una parte sempre più persone giovano del proprio tempo libero, dall’altra molte persone hanno raramente del tempo libero a disposizione. Flowvial è utilizzabile anche da coloro che, avendo un periodo limitato di tempo libero, desiderano sfruttarlo per rilassanti crociere o per gioire di una seconda casa galleggiante.
However, being equipped with home comforts and being designed to be completely independent from an energy and hydraulic point of view, Flowvial can also be used as a primary home for those wishing to live on the water.

From an energy point of view, Flowvial is equipped with twenty-two photovoltaic panels and two wind generators with a total capacity of 4850W, without counting the support of hydrogeneration when the boat is stationary. It is also equipped with a 20 kW Diesel generator for recharging the batteries, in case of need.
Also from the hydraulic point of view, Flowvial is independent, equipped with two purifiers, one as an input that draws river or lake water to obtain drinking water on board, and the other an output for wastewater that can be discharged into the water.
The on-board systems are another of the elements on which a study was carried out. In particular, a sizing of the heating / cooling systems was carried out with the relative selected components, able to withstand real use in extreme cases.
In addition, a cost analysis and a study of the exponents of the loads were carried out to verify stability.
Ultimately, Flowvial does not want to be just a houseboat, but a new type of boat designed to adapt to contemporary and future lifestyles, with particular attention to environmental issues.